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OSHA Committed to Health and Safety Training

During the month of July, more than 20 members of the Cleveland Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) staff were trained by the American Red Cross in Standard First Aid and Adult CPR.

Although OSHA employees do not fall within the guidelines of those types of individuals who need to be trained in CPR and first aid, many of the local OSHA employees voluntarily take training courses.

"We offer these courses to our employees to take voluntarily to assist them in their personal lives," said Joe Warner, OSHA assistant area director.

The July training session was the second time the Red Cross provided OSHA employees with first and CPR training. "The Red Cross trainers were outstanding," Warner commented. "I've been with OSHA for over 13 years, and the Red Cross offers some of the best training I've seen anywhere."

According to OSHA guidelines, which were developed in 1971, in an industrial setting it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the availability of medical services and first aid treatment on matters of plant health.

OSHA's rules state that if an infirmary, clinic or hospital for the treatment of injured employees is not in proximity of the workplace, the employer must have at least one person per shift trained in first aid. Federal courts interpret "proximity" to mean three to four minutes from a medical facility because accidents resulting in severe bleeding or respiratory problems can be fatal beyond that time.

If, however, medical treatment can be assured within three minutes of an injury, then the company can choose whether or not to have first aid trained employees on staff. Approved first aid supplies must also be available.

Be Safe at Home and at the Office

The American Red Cross is offering the Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detector for only $45. This top of the line CO detector has a five-year warranty and constantly monitors CO levels with a digital read-out display.

Call (216) 431-3315 for more information or visit the Red Cross Store in this web site to make a purchase.

Commercial Real Estate Takes Customer Service to a New Level

When competition is fierce, simply meeting the needs of customers may not be enough to set you apart from the rest. Enter Biskind Management, a company not only ready to serve their tenants' basic needs, but safety needs as well.

Karin Schulz, director of operations at Biskind Management, has found American Red Cross training to be an important component of her company's policy of customer service. "The American Red Cross training benefits our employees' ability to meet our tenants' needs," said Schulz. "In times of emergency, the tenants invariably look to property management for service."

According to Schulz, the American Red Cross training offers a competitive advantage to a company dealing in real estate. "The marketplace expects an organization that is professional on all levels. The fact that we train our employees in First Aid and CPR demonstrates to our customers that our concern lies not only in the well-being of the building, but with the occupants of that building as well."

Biskind Management demonstrated this commitment on two separate occasions when various personnel utilized their CPR skills to save lives in the workplace.

Without CPR and First Aid training, a company in the real estate industry leaves much at risk. Because of the market's expectations of service from property management, an untrained organization can run the risk of negative exposure from an accident. Even worse, these companies can be held legally responsible for accidents that occur on their premises, according to government regulations and legal precedents.

Course Feature: Workplace HIV/AIDS Education

The Red Cross has a growing concern for HIV and AIDS--why?

A federal agency has ranked Cleveland right along with New York City as a critical area because of a fast-growing increase in the number of HIV/AIDS cases.

What's the Red Cross doing?

Educating. The Red Cross has made training available to the entire community. The Greater Cleveland Chapter not only offers HIV/AIDS education to the general population through community courses, but to the workplace as well with the Workplace HIV/AIDS Education program. Just recently, the Chapter trained 200 federal employees in the Workplace HIV/AIDS Education program in order to meet a federal order established in 1994 which states that all federal employees must be trained in HIV/AIDS education.

Workplace HIV/AIDS Education--what's in it for me?

Participants will be provided with reliable, factual information about HIV infection and will learn how they can work safely without fear alongside people living with HIV or AIDS. Beyond the workplace, participants can take their knowledge into the community and speak knowledgeably about HIV and AIDS--furthering the Red Cross' efforts to educate individuals about this disease.

More details on the program

The HIV/AIDS Education program can be tailored to each workplace and may include all or any combination of five modules which include: how to distinguish HIV from AIDS; the facts about HIV prevention and transmission; medical confidentiality; the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers; and how co-workers and employers are emotionally affected.

The courses are taught by specially trained and certified Red Cross instructors. The program may be conducted conveniently at your workplace or at a Red Cross location. For more information, please call the American Red Cross Health and Safety department at (216) 431-3316 or send an e-mail message to

Real Tribe Sluggers Are Red Cross Trained

While the stars of the Cleveland Indians may be the players hitting home runs on the field, the true heroes of the ball club are the Indians employees who are American Red Cross trained in First Aid and CPR.

In the last year, 69 Indians staff members stepped up to the plate and became certified in Standard First Aid (first aid and adult CPR) or in Infant and Child CPR.

Go Tribe!

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